LOGAN'S LADY Excerpt 2

         YAY! Only a little over a month before LOGAN'S LADY becomes available!  Today, I'm posting another excerpt to whet your appetite, but first, I'd like to share two fantastic reviews that I have received this week: 

      Jenna Friebel of Booklist said, "This immersive romance set in the lawless Old West is packed with action and adventure, including murder. Bittner (The Last Outlaw, 2017) has created an unlikely couple worth cheering for, and she sure knows how to keep readers on the edge of their seats." (Click here for entire review!)

      Publisher's weekly has given LOGAN'S LADY a "Starred" review:  "Bittner (The Last Outlaw) beautifully evokes the beauty and hardships of life in the late-19th-century American West as a British aristocrat falls for a hardened bounty hunter in this spellbinding historical. . . . Bittner makes an implausible premise feel absolutely real, showing how two very different characters can make compromises and find love. Fast-paced, touching, and sensual, this historical is not to be missed."  (Click here for entire review!)  

      Now, I can't wait to hear what you, my readers, have to say about this book!  Meanwhile, read on for excerpt #2:

“Is there law now in Denver City?” she asked aloud.

“Of course.”

“I’ve been warned so often about how wild and untamed America’s West can be,” Elizabeth told him. “I’ve read so many stories about it in those penny dreadfuls.”

Alexander laughed richly. “Well, I suppose there is a hint of truth in some of those dime novels, but the West is becoming quite tame, I assure you. There are lawmen and U.S. Marshals who do their best, although some of the cow towns along the railway can get pretty wild when drovers come in with herds of cattle. They even have men who hunt outlaws for bounty. I suppose that, too, is a form of law and order, although some bounty hunters are hardly more than outlaws themselves.”

“Oh, how dreadful! I can’t imagine killing a man for money.”

“To each his own,” Alexander told her.

“Well, I hope I never run into such a man.”



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