Do Not Forsake Me - Teaser #7

Available July 7, 2015
(Reporter Jeff is having a conversation with Jake Harkner)

“Can you answer one question for me before I leave?” Jeff asked.

“If it doesn’t take a long story.”

“No. I just want to know how you would describe your wife if you could only use one or two words.”

A look of complete adoration and sorrow moved through Jake’s gaze. He smoked quietly, saying nothing at first. “The center of my universe,” he finally answered. “And the air I breathe. No man could ask for better.”

Jeff scribbled the words. “That’s a beautiful way to put it.”

“She’s a beautiful woman – inside and out. I have absolutely no idea how or why she puts up with me.”

“Pardon my forwardness, but I suspect it’s because she feels the same way about you, Jake. You are the air she breathes.”

Jake met Jeff’s gaze. “I had no right ever touching that woman, but I never wanted anything worse in my life than I wanted her the first time I saw her.”


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