A Happy Mother’s Day to everyone! I think Mother’s Day is lovely and special, and so many mothers through the centuries have made sacrifices for their children in a hundred different ways. They deserve this special day.

        Now that so many mothers are compelled to work to help support the family, it is difficult to keep up with motherhood and daily life. But so many mothers manage to do just as good a job being mom, even when working full time, that they deserve to truly be loved and honored for what they do.

        My mother died years ago, but I still feel her – around me, inside me, flowing through my spiritual being. I am part of her, and death doesn’t change that. But death does bring us to the reality of what a precious gift we had when our mothers were still alive. I will always wish I had given my mom more hugs in her last years. My mom was always there for me if I was sick or had surgery. Today I would love to be able to sit in my garden behind the house and have coffee with mom and just talk.

        Above is a picture of my mother at 90. Wasn’t she beautiful? She never did look her age.

        I hope you will give your mom extra hugs and attention today and keep her in mind and in your prayers. Maybe you feel she made some mistakes in raising you, but we all do our best with what we know, and all mothers love their children with their heart and soul. No one is professionally trained to be a mother, but the loving comes naturally.

        The end of July I will be a great-grandmother! Having a great grandchild reminds me that life goes on, and we don’t stop at being just mothers. We become grandmothers and great-grandmothers, and we love those grandchildren just as much as our own. It makes my heart happy to know that my blood continues into a second and third generation.

         So, when a mother dies, she truly is not gone. She lives on and on in her children and grandchildren, and in their loving memories. God bless all mothers today, and all grandmothers.




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