Excerpt #3:

     He just froze in place for a moment, staring at her.  "I ... didn't think ... you'd do it," he muttered.

     "You were wrong, Mister."  Kate stood there shaking as she watched the life go out of him.  Eyes wide, Buck finally slumped over in death.
      Kate dropped her gun and grasped her stomach, looking at the man called Buck in disbelief.  She'd just killed him.  In that moment, she felt no better than Buck or Luke or any other outlaw in this country.  In her mind, she'd become one of them.

~     *     ~     *     ~     *     ~ 

Excerpt #4:

       They rode nearly two more hours before Luke could go no farther. He nearly fell off his horse, rather than making a normal dismount. As soon as his feet hit the ground, he went to his knees, realizing how right Kate had been when she'd told him to see a doctor as soon as they got back yesterday.

        "What's wrong?" Blaze asked.

        "It's this wound in my side from the shootout at the cabin," he answered, grasping his side.

        "Why, hell, Luke, you should have seen a doctor before we left," Big Jim said.

        "That's what Kate told me, but … I thought I'd be okay," Luke answered.

        Blaze spread out some blankets. "You just lay down here, Luke. We'll make the fire and something to eat and we'll get you back to lander right away come sunup."

        "Thanks." Luke thought how odd things were here in outlaw country. Blaze was a smart-ass kid looking to get himself killed some day in a gunfight. And Big Jim was an uneducated, unwashed, rather simple-minded man who probably didn't care much about another man other than someone to talk to incessantly. Yet right now they both seemed to really care what happened to him. Still, they'd probably rob him blind if he died out here.

        He fell asleep. Or did he pass out? He only knew that when he woke up before dawn, he couldn't move - not even a finger. 
~     *     ~     *     ~     *     ~ 

From my advance readers:

"Rosanne Bittner is a master at creating lasting storylines, picturesque sceneries, and heroic couples who envelope her reader’s heart and soul, forever." -- Tonya Lucas 

"Rosanne Bittner has done it again and in breathtakingly beautiful Rosanne Bittner style. I could not put this book down until I finished it." -- Glenda Kinard

"Rosanne Bittner has written yet another epic novel about the wild untamed west. This book will grab your attention in the first few pages and keep you needing to know more." -- Stephanie Jenkins Ortiz-Cerrillo 

"This story quickly became one of my top favorite Rosanne Bittner tales, with the emotional impact, epic story-telling, and the charm of an captivating love story. . . .  I felt transported back in time and became lost in a different reality. I took my time reading this book just because I wanted to soak up every moment spent with Luke and Kate and . . . when it was over, after I took a few moments to soak it all in, I jumped back in to reread favorite parts. . . I can't wait to revisit them again and again!" -- Michelle Reed  



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