Sometimes “lonely” means need and desire come before love.

        RIDE THE HIGH LONESOME, the first of my three Men of the Outlaw Trail books, is still over a month away, but I am getting some fantastic advance reviews!  I'll include some of them at the end of this post, but first -- a couple of excerpts!

* * * * *
Excerpt #1:
        "The fact remains, you're in outlaw country now, and you won't find much help among the kind of men who live out here. They call this part of the country the Outlaw Trail." He fanned the flames with his hat. "You've likely figured out that men come here to hide from the law. No lawman will show his face in this country." 
        Kate knew it to be true, but her heart fell a little more at hearing it. "Are YOU an outlaw, Mister Bowden?"

        Luke managed a light laugh. "Depends on what you consider an outlaw."

* * * * *
Excerpt #2:
        Kate awoke to the crackling sound of a fire, her head on something soft, two blankets covering her. She thought she smelled coffee, and the smell reminded her she was hungry. She opened her eyes to a dimly lit room. Except it wasn't a room. The walls were made of rock. The only light was that of the fire.

        A horse whinnied, and now she saw a man wearing a gray wool jacket sitting on the floor of the cave and leaning against the rock wall only about five feet away. He appeared to be sleeping. She lay still, thinking. She remembered falling .. someone telling her she was bleeding .. something about a cave .. lying facedown over a horse. Her head hurt. 
        She put a hand to her forehead and realized it was bandaged. The fall! A snowstorm! She gasped and sat straight up. The blankets fell away, and she looked down to realize she wore only her camisole and ruffled pantaloons. Where was her dress? And where was SHE?

        A man's voice spoke up. "So, you finally woke up."

* * * * *
"Touching, passionate romance between two wounded souls amid the beautiful landscapes of the West make this a page-turner sure to please fans of western historicals." -- Publisher's Weekly (Click here for full review!)

This slow-burn romance is true to Bittner’s signature focus on the emotional connection between the hero and heroine.” -- Patricia Smith, Booklist (Click here for full review!)

And from my advance readers:

"Rosanne Bittner is a master at creating lasting storylines, picturesque sceneries, and heroic couples who envelope her reader’s heart and soul, forever." -- Tonya Lucas 

"Rosanne Bittner has done it again and in breathtakingly beautiful Rosanne Bittner style. I could not put this book down until I finished it." -- Glenda Kinard

"Rosanne Bittner has written yet another epic novel about the wild untamed west. This book will grab your attention in the first few pages and keep you needing to know more." -- Stephanie Jenkins Ortiz-Cerrillo 


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