First Excerpt from LOGAN'S LADY

        LOGAN'S LADY is coming in about two months, and you are going to love this dramatic but often humorous story about an uneducated, rough and tumble American bounty hunter (Logan Best), who ends up coming to the rescue of prim and proper, highly educated “Lady” Elizabeth Bennett from London, England. These two are as opposite as two could be, but an unexpected attraction between them grows into something neither can resist, while at the same time they track down ruthless men who have absconded with Lady Elizabeth’s money and personal valuables.

       Here's an excerpt: 

       Logan didn't take his eyes off any of them. "You look more like the type who'd rather make money by just taking it. You won't find much on me, so maybe you should just ride on."

        The red-bearded man stiffened. "Mister, I don' t take kindly to insults. We only stopped by to see if you'd like to sell that horse of yours."  

         Logan grinned. "Why in hell would I sell my only horse when I'm out here in the middle of nowhere?" 

       The bearded man chuckled. "On account of the fact that you ARE alone in the middle of nowhere. You must realize if you don't sell us that horse, we can just shoot you and take it."

        Logan nodded. "You can try, but you'll regret it." 
       The younger man snickered. "Hell, mister, there's four of us!" 

       "I've taken on more in my line of work." 

       "And what would that be?" a third man spoke up. Logan guessed him to be in the same age range as the others, all probably twenty to thirty years old. He could actually smell them without even getting close.

        "Bounty hunter," Logan answered. "Any of you wanted for anything?"


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