Don’t Get Sad … Get Mad!

Did you just get another rejection?

Has someone dissed your book?

Has someone said that if you write romance, you’re not a “real” writer?

Are you stuck with your “sagging” middle? (I mean your book, not your body).😉

Is some other writer you believe isn’t all that good more successful than you are?

In all cases, don’t get sad – GET MAD!!

Regarding rejections, THEY MEAN NOTHING! Don’t cry about it. Get mad. Tell yourself you’re a damn good writer and the book that “x” didn’t want will sell to “y” – and in the meantime, KEEP WRITING! Editors like to know you are not just a one-book wonder. They want to know you intend to make a career in writing – that your head is full of new ideas. Before I sold my first book over 35 years ago, I had close to 100 rejections! I wrote 9 books in a matter of about 3 years, and I kept sending them around to different publishers, sure I’d hit the right editor at the right time. And I “listened” to advice that came with some of those rejections. I realized I hadn’t written Gone With The Wind, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t sell one of my books. Each new book I wrote became a learning experience. The first book I actually sold was that NINTH book. And back then, it was hard to sell because romance was incredibly popular and there were a lot of fingers in the pie and no modern ways to get through to publishers. No internet, so you had to mail those big heavy manuscripts, over and over. And those first books were written with a typewriter, using “white-out” to make corrections and – literally – cutting and pasting! But I got mad when I didn’t see my first book and kept writing and cutting and pasting and mailing until I finally got a sale. Some rejections are just standard because that editor is so busy he or she doesn’t even want to look at any more new manuscripts at that particular time. So don’t fret the small stuff. Keep writing and keep submitting! Don’t get sad – the MAD.

Regarding someone dissing your book – that just goes with the territory. Ninety-Nine percent of the time it’s because they are jealous and “think” they could write a better book. Tell them that if they think they can, sit down and do it. Concentrate on your positive readers – those who send you those wonderful compliments and want to know what else you have written. You can’t please them all, especially in today’s times! Never, ever let a snide comment or a bad review keep you from what you love doing. Just keep on writing! Don’t get sad – get MAD!

Regarding those who say you are not a “real” writer – really? You’re published. If not, you are spending some serious time on your dream, and you are at least making the effort. Once published, you may not be earning Stephen King royalties, but you are published. You are a real writer. To those who say you aren’t, just tell them, “Fine. You go write a book and get it published and then come and tell me you aren’t a real writer.” You can also explain what you write about and why you write it. Make them see you don’t just write senseless fluff. Don’t get sad – get MAD!

The sagging middle? We’ve all been through that. It can really put a crimp in your writing schedule because suddenly you come to a halt, not knowing which way to go. It can even, in some cases, make you give up and think your book sucks, so why go on? Well, you started out with enthusiasm and a good idea. Yes, we can all write ourselves into corners, but there is also always a way out. Let the wax on your floor dry, and then get out of the corner, i.e. – give it a few days. Get away from your book. Re-read the first part. How to go on WILL come to you. If not, don’t let too much time go by or you will start losing interest in the book all together. Just sit down and start writing. Even if you aren’t happy with what you come up with, write it anyway. As you write, the answers will come. I PROMISE. Don’t get sad, get MAD.

Regarding the success of other writers? Success is a matter of perspective. Are you writing with unrealistic expectations? Compared to the literally millions of writers out there, the ratio of the big names compared to the rest is really small. Are you writing just for the money? Then quit, because that should not be you reason for writing. Your reason should be the love of the art, the burning desire to tell your stories, whether or not you are a huge seller. You know your own potential, have your own dreams, your own reasons for writing what you write. If you keep comparing yourself to other writers, you will defeat your own dreams. Be proud of what you do, proud you are published at all, because it’s not an easy thing to do, even if you are publishing your own books on the internet. You still took the time to sit down and write a whole book or books. You are a successful writer just for trying, let alone getting published. Don’t compare yourself to Stephen King or Danielle Steele or any other writer. Do what you do best. Don’t get sad – get MAD! Keep writing. With each new book you publish, here is always that possibility of becoming a best-seller! You just never know.


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