Oh, Mighty Mountains!

High! Rise high, you mighty mountains!
Reach for the heavens, you bastions of the West!
Undefeatable are you! Magnificent! Stalwart!
Your granite rocks and shale walls live on!
Through war and pestilence, through famine and flood, 
Through crime and hate, through bloodshed and death, 
You live on!

You never change, just as God never changes.
Your magnificence and your breathtaking heights 
Defy man's creativity.
Never could man build something like you!
And never will man destroy you!

I look upon your peaks with awe.
Tears fill my eyes at the realization of the 
Millions of years it took to form your great peaks,
Your deep valleys, your vast canyons.
I look at you and I feel so small.

All the education in the world could not equip man
With the ability to create such a thing as you!
You are beyond man. You defeat man!
You are the mountains!
And there is nothing to match you! 



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