Well finally, the horribly hot summer is over and we are headed into my favorite time of year … Autumn. Here in Michigan, Fall is the most beautiful time of year. And for me the return of college and pro football just makes the season that much better! Leaves will be turning soon and although that means we are headed for cold and snow, I don’t really care. Anything is better than the kind of summer we had this year!

Been busy proofreading my SAVAGE DESTINY books for their reissue by Amazon as e-books – mostly likely by October 1st! Be sure to watch my web and blog sites for news about an up-coming “Indian Summer” contest to celebrate the return of these books, which were first published almost 30 years ago and are still selling! Hero Cheyenne Zeke will live in my heart forever, as will his “Abbie-girl.” From what I hear from readers, they feel the same way. If you’ve never read these books, join my contest to win a free Kindle reader and you can download them to that and read up a storm! This is an unforgettable series that follows the settling of Colorado and its effects on the Cheyenne Indians as well as on the family of Zeke Monroe, a half-breed who lives torn between two worlds. The stories follow Zeke and Abbie, as well as some of their children and grandchildren, through about 50 years of a very powerful loved story set against real American history. I would say these stories compare strongly to James Michener’s book/movie CENTENNIAL.

I am also working on edits for my brand new book, PARADISE VALLEY, coming next July. The cover is just about ready but needs a couple more tweaks, so watch for it, along with a short description of the story. Can’t wait for everybody to read it! I will be pushing the book next May at the Romantic Times Conference in Kansas City, where many of the big-name romance authors from the 80’s and 90’s will be honored as “Divas of Romance!” It’s going to be so much fun and a big reunion of some of us lovers of bodice-rippers and the best of historical romance! I can’t wait! Meantime, keep an eye out for my contest – and watch Amazon for those SAVAGE DESTINY books. There aren’t many Native America stories around that are any better than these.


  1. You are my favorite author now. I have read 3 of your books and absolutely love them. I am going on ebay to try and find more. I can't seem to find many older books here in Georgia. I love historical romance and wish I had lived during those times. Keep up the great writing! Kim

  2. Beautiful website♥