Do Not Forsake Me - Teaser #4

Available July 7, 2015 

A rather disgruntled Jake came down the steps. “What do you want? Give us a couple more days and you can come and talk to my wife when things calm down.” 

“It’s not that.” Jeff looked back toward town. “Marshal, when I headed back to town, some men stopped me. They were watching you, and they … made threats … said now there was one more pretty woman in your family. One even said to tell you that Gordy says hello.” 

Jeff watched all the soft side of Jake Harkner the family man turn to something else as Jake looked past him toward town. In one quick moment he’d become the man Jeff saw ride into Guthrie just yesterday. 

“How many?” Jake asked. 

“Three. Do you know who they are?” 

Jake’s demeanor grew even darker. “You bet your ass I know them.”


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