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Their Passion Shaped a Nation

Over the years, Jake and Miranda Harkner have endured all the dangers a wild and brutal West could throw at them. Now, settled on their ranch in the beautiful Colorado hill country, they've finally found peace. But for a man like Jake Harkner, danger is always lurking, and the world may not be ready for an infamous outlaw-turned-lawman-turned-legend to hang up his guns.

Threatened by cruel men in search of revenge, the Harkner clan must be stronger than ever before. Yet nothing can stop the coming storm. With the Old West dying around them and the rules of this new world ever-changing, Jake vows to end the threat to his family no matter what it takes...

Even if it means sacrificing himself so his beloved Miranda may live.

Praise for Bestselling Historical Western Romances by Rosanne Bittner:

"[A]n emotional powerhouse! The strong flavor of the Wild West combines with a beautiful love story, creating a true saga of the era... This classic historical western is destined for the 'keeper' shelf." -RT Book Reviews, Top Pick

"A hero to set feminine hearts aflutter...western romance readers will thoroughly enjoy this." -Library Journal

"Fans of such authors as Jodi Thomas and Georgina Gentry will enjoy Bittner's thrilling tale of crime and love in the Old West." -Booklist Online

"One of the most powerful voices in western romance." -RT Book Reviews

A Blog About “Finishing The Book”

Have you ever felt like someone just ran over you with a semi, then pulled your brains out through your ears? That’s how it feels after a two-month marathon of writing and finishing a 622-page historical novel. You’ve heard those stories about people who, in matters of emergency and desperation, get a surge of adrenaline that helps them pick up a whole car to get someone out from under it. I think that’s what happens to a writer when she has a short deadline but a long book to write to meet that deadline.

I just finished my fourth Outlaw story, THE LAST OUTLAW. It’s 622 pages and about 135,000 words. Because of their publishing schedule, Sourcebooks needed my manuscript by October 1st in order to be sure it could be published in 2017. I did NOT want that book to move into 2018, so I agreed to meet their deadline. That was in May. I knew the book had to be done by at least September 1st because when you finish a story, you aren’t really “done.” You have to print the thing out and sit down and read and edit and read and edit – and they you have to go back into the computer and make all the changes. The whole process can take at least another month.

At the moment I still have that ahead of me, but I did “finish the book” just a couple of days ago, and it’s been days, nights, weekends, no TV, and making my husband live like a widower and eat leftovers. Most of the time I slept maybe 3-5 hours a night. It meant long hours in a chair at the computer and being completely lost in the world of Jake Harkner (that part I really didn’t mind!). I would fall asleep at 8:00 pm, wake up at 10:00 pm and write for 2-3 hours – go walk my 1 – 2 miles at night – then go to bed at 1:00 or 2:00 am and get up at 6:00 am for my normal daily routine of helping at the family business, running errands, working on publicity, answering e-mail and Facebook messages, and yes, daytime writing, plus trying to spend time on my garden, time with my grandsons, shopping and all the other things that need a woman’s attention. I also volunteer for a local charity organization which is a very busy group, and this year I am their President.

When you have so much to write in such a short time, the “writing adrenaline” kicks in and you don’t realize what a number you are doing on your back, your legs, your shoulders, your brain, your “everything,” until you are finished. I’m 71 years old, so all of the physical part of so much sitting and writing begins to catch up with me. I ended up with a hip problem that will require physical therapy, but (thank God) it is NOT arthritis and is completely treatable. So far I have no arthritis or any other of the common maladies of old age, so I feel blessed in that respect, and I have a lot of energy (liquid B-12 helps!), but this much writing does take its toll. THE LAST OUTLAW is actually the SECOND book I’ve written this year. I also finished a new Indian romance the first part of the year that was about 450 pages long, so my poor old body took a beating between January and August!

The mental stress is also hard, but hey, they say keeping your brain active helps ward off Alzheimer’s and other “old brain” problems. Ha! Still, I find myself reading PEOPLE magazine and stupid stuff like the ENQUIRER. I do love WOMAN’S WORLD and always do the crossword puzzle. Sometime I color – yes, color – those new detailed coloring tablets they publish now that you use colored inks or felt pens to fill in. I need the relief of not “using” my brain for anything important.

The biggest challenge when finishing such a big book, especially when it’s the end of a series that meant working with the same characters for years, is the EMOTIONAL toll. I literally “crash” emotionally when I finish a book like this one. I absolutely hate the thought of not working with these characters again, especially my beloved Jake. I covered 32 years with these people. They are “my” family. Jake is “my” husband and his children are “my” children, his grandchildren “my” grandchildren. It was the same when I wrote my seven SAVAGE DESTINY books. I “lived” with that family for 45 years. I truly mourned Zeke Monroe’s death. I’d lost “my” beloved husband.

This emotional roller coaster leaves me truly depressed for a couple weeks after I finish a book like this one. Literally. It takes me a while to get out of my “funk.” Sometimes, emotionally, my own husband can’t “reach” me. He totally understands. Not many men would put up with their wife’s emotional absence the way mine does when I’m in the middle of writing a big book. The poor guy lives like a widower when I’m that immersed in my writing.

So … THE LAST OUTLAW is technically finished. I actually look forward to editing and re-writes plus the editing and re-writes my editor at Sourcebooks is bound to come up with over the next few months, so at least I get to keep revisiting Jake and the family and this story for several months yet before the book is finalized and actually is printed and on book shelves next September 2017. Meantime, I already have an idea for a fifth book, but I doubt Sourcebooks will want another one in the continuing series. If not, I have high hopes they WILL want the story I would like to write about Jake’s grandson Little Jake, all grown up and, of course, drop-dead gorgeous! He would be just the right age to get involved in WWI – and of course he would be a sharp-shooter/sniper. What else would the grandson of Jake Harkner do in the army? And there could be a young woman waiting for him back in Colorado – maybe one whom a rival lover tries to steal away while Little Jake is overseas – and maybe some kind of feud involving ownership of the J&L. The prospects for plot are endless!

I have to add – honestly – I think THE LAST OUTLAW is no-holds-barred the best book of all four. It’s a wild ride from start to finish. I didn’t come across one boring part or one period where I didn’t know which way to turn with the story. It just poured out of me, event after event, and through all these books I have shown Jake’s emotional “growth” from a very, very troubled outlaw/wanted man who knew nothing about love and who lived with deep hatreds and deep regrets – into a strong, mature man who in Book #4 realizes he can’t keep living the “old way” any more – i.e. dealing out his own form of “justice.” There are laws now, and Jake has to abide by them, not an easy thing for Jake Harkner. And in #4 Jake has to be emotionally strong for Randy because of something that happens in LOVE’S SWEET REVENGE (#3).

In the first three books it was usually the other way around because Jake walks a fine line between sanity and insanity because of his incredibly cruel childhood and witnessing his drunken father murder his beloved mother when Jake was only 8 years old and not strong enough to defend his mother. At 15 Jake killed his own father (for good reason) but he lives with that guilt his whole life. Now in Book #4 it’s Jake who has to deal with his wife’s mental stability. He is incredibly strong and understanding and kind and patient with his beloved Randy, which shows tremendous growth on Jake’s part. Normally he rides off for a few days when faced with something like what happened to Randy, finding it difficult to face without breaking into an uncontrollable rage. This time he handles it beautifully, making the first part of this story unforgettably romantic and touching.

This past weekend I had a signing for Jake #3, LOVE’S SWEET REVENGE, a September 2016 book, so I continue to be immersed in this wonderful family and this incredible hero for a while yet, and I don’t mind at all. But at least now I can go to bed at a decent hour and maybe get some “real” sleep. This old body and brain need some “down time!” Meantime, I CAN’T WAIT to see what the fabulous Jon Paul does with a cover for THE LAST OUTLAW, and I am so, so anxious for all of my wonderful readers out there to read this amazing story!

The Joys And Perils of Writing Series-Type Stories


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Sorry I don’t blog more often, but I am currently writing book #4 to my OUTLAW series and I have a tight deadline, so I’m really busy writing. The book is called THE LAST OUTLAW and will be my last book involving Jake and Randy Harkner and the Harkner clan, which makes me cry every time I think about it. I will probably write another story involving the Harkners, but it will be about Jake’s grandsons, which means Jake is no longer in their lives, at least not physically. It will take me a long time to be able to write it because I can’t bear the thought of Jake Harkner no longer living. It’s just too hard to consider right now because I have fallen head over heels for this man and I absolutely adore writing about him.


I recently purchased a diffuser that sprays a soft cloud of scented water into the air, as well as one of those warmers that melts scented wax. Both are lovely and do a good job of filling my house with wonderful aromas. That got me thinking about how certain smells awaken memories and can even be used in our writing.

The Last Page

Previously I wrote about the love/hate relationship a writer has with “Page One.” Well, just as challenging is “The Last Page.” My Midi-Michigan Romance Writers group holds a contest every year called “I Will Write A Book.” Those who enter pay $5 to get into a drawing for all the money, and to qualify, the entrant must finish a book within that year by November. This year (2016) I’ve entered two books. Just finished the first one, a new Indian romance – and am now working on the second one, which is book #4 to my Outlaw Series. As proof of finishing the book, we have to send in “The Last Page.”

Page One

Horrors! When we write a book, we have no choice but to start with “Page One.” Yes, it’s that annoying, intimidating, proverbial Page One that can bring a writer to his or her knees. We sit and stare at that blank piece of paper (or the pretend piece of paper on our computer screen), and we realize that what we put on that very first page is what the reader will see when he or she takes a look at the book – that very first page that they use to decide if they want to buy the book – that very first page that either hooks a reader, or causes them to put the book back on the shelf – or to not “click” order the book on-line.

What Goes Around, Comes Around

The Beauty of a Back List

I've been writing for 35 years, so I’m pretty old-school when it comes to the publishing world. When e-books were first introduced, I couldn’t believe they would ever be successful. After all, who would rather read a book on some kind of device as opposed to having the real thing in their hands? 

The Long Haul

I'm sure you've heard the trucking term “long haul,” or the phrase “I’m in it for the long haul.” Maybe “It’s been a long haul.” For anyone who writes, “the long haul” perfectly fits your chosen profession – or even as a hobby, if you see it that way. You’d better be in it for “the long haul,” because that’s what it will be if your goal is a long-term career in writing.

When Fiction Becomes Our Reality

In the Shadow of the Mountains
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBook | Kobo Books
Genre: Historical Western Romance
Release January 19, 2016
Published by: Diversion Books
Length: 673 Pages

Bold, headstrong, and passionate, the indomitable Kirklands struggled to survive in a treacherous, hostile land. From penniless settlers to wealthy mine owners to Denver's regal first family, together—and separately—they pursued their dazzling dreams of love and glory. From the era of the covered wagon to the rise of the western railroad, from the gold rush years through the golden age of the American West, IN THE SHADOW OF THE MOUNTAINS is the breathtaking saga of a remarkable family who endured tragedy and hardship to build a glorious mountain empire.

Are Our Books Ever Good Enough?

I just finished the edits to my September book LOVE’S SWEET REVENGE. One thing I advise other writers is that before sending a book in to your publisher, if there is anything about it that bothers you, fix it first. Ninety-nine per cent of the time it’s that very part of the book that bothers you that will come back to you with editor comments and/or requests for changes. It’s usually nothing major, but you still want to kick yourself in the butt for not addressing your concern before letting your editor read the book. Well, I didn’t follow my own rule, and a couple of places in the book that nudged at me as not quite right are exactly the places where my editor made comments and requests for a few changes.