The Ideal Hero

After 35 years of writing, even more years of reading, and having completed 60 novels, I’ve come to the conclusion that most female readers’ ideal hero (and yes, male readers, too) is the alpha male who is tough and able on the outside, but vulnerable and tender on the inside. I absolutely love the “tough guy” persona, a man who’s strong and brave and can handle weapons and fists … but a man who would never dream of laying a hand on the woman he loves.

Don't Try To Be God

At the MMRWA's June meeting the discussion of omnipotence came up, and I have been thinking about that ever since because it’s a problem I had earlier in my writing years. Being the dense person I can be sometimes – as well as writing back when there was no help of any kind in this business and no opportunity to learn through others, I thought I’d share an article about this problem many writers have had, or still do have. I know it took me a while to catch on to what all this meant and if there is anyone out there who isn’t sure what omnipotence is all about, I thought I’d offer some help.

Book Signing This Saturday!

Mark your Calendars! I'll be celebrating the release of DESPERATE HEARTS and signing books this Saturday {August 30th} at Purely Michigan, 406 State Street Saint Joseph, MI. Purely Michigan is a fun store that "features everything/everyone 'Michigan'" -- Join us, then stroll the Regatta Craft Show on the bluff as part of the Labor Day/Tri-State Regatta weekend!

Desperate Hearts - Coming Soon! #Giveaway

DESPERATE HEARTS will be released September 2nd, but you can Pre-Order it at the links below! And, as some added excitement, I'll be giving away five copies of DESPERATE HEARTS to five lucky readers with a Grand Prize of a $50 Amazon Gift Card awarded to one lucky fan!

I'm Visiting with Romance Books '4' Us Today!

I'm visiting with Romance Books '4' Us today, and I'm talking about my soon-to-be-released book DESPERATE HEARTS!

Stop in to see what my answer is to the Question: What's the top thing on my Bucket List!

Friday Teaser from Desperate Hearts!

Elizabeth sat up and just stared at Mitch wide-eyed, her face red from being half choked, tears leaving clean lines where they trickled through the dust on her face. Her ears rang from all the gunfire. Mitch scooped her into his arms as he rose and carried her down the middle of the street toward Ma Kelly’s. People stared and mumbled to each other about the new woman in town and how Mitch Brady had risked his life to save her … yet again.

Elizabeth laid her head on Mitch’s shoulder and sobbed. Mitch held her closer.

Getting “In The Mood”

Okay, I know that title sounds like it has something to do with sex, and in a way I guess it does because I’m talking about how certain songs get us in the right mood for whatever book/scene/character we are working on when working on a book. Sometimes the right music conjures up brand new story ideas.

Feature Friday Block Party Blog Hop - Week 2

Welcome and thanks for stopping by! This is the Feature Friday Block Party Blog Hop hosted by Buy the Book Tours and author MJ Schiller! Please #FF me on Twitter - My Handle is @RosanneBittner. Today I'm sharing some delicious Caramel Shortbread Squares and a teaser from my upcoming release DESPERATE HEARTS.

Caramel Shortbread Squares