Book Signing This Saturday!

Mark your Calendars! I'll be celebrating the release of DESPERATE HEARTS and signing books this Saturday {August 30th} at Purely Michigan, 406 State Street Saint Joseph, MI. Purely Michigan is a fun store that "features everything/everyone 'Michigan'" -- Join us, then stroll the Regatta Craft Show on the bluff as part of the Labor Day/Tri-State Regatta weekend!

Desperate Hearts - Coming Soon! #Giveaway

DESPERATE HEARTS will be released September 2nd, but you can Pre-Order it at the links below! And, as some added excitement, I'll be giving away five copies of DESPERATE HEARTS to five lucky readers with a Grand Prize of a $50 Amazon Gift Card awarded to one lucky fan!

Elizabeth Wainright is on the run. Accused of a murder she didn't commit, she has no choice but to cut ties with her old life and flee West. The last thing she wants is attention, but when her stagecoach is attacked, she suddenly finds herself under the fierce protection of one of Montana's famed vigilantes ... whether she likes it or not ...

Lawman Mitch Brady is sworn to uphold justice in the wilds of Montana. He's never met a man he's feared, and he's never met a woman more desperately in need of his help. Something's shaken the secretive Elizabeth, but as he gets to know the beautiful city belle, he finds the only thing he wants more than her safety is her trust. - Elizabeth longs to give herself to Mitch, but when her past finally catches up with her, can she truly trust the vigilante who's stolen her heart ... with her life?"

DESPERATE HEARTS is set in 1880's Montana and is packed with "wild west" action, a good share of humor, and lots of romance!

Also, I just got publication dates from Sourcebooks for the reissue of my 1993 book OUTLAW HEARTS AND the sequel which I just completed, DO NOT FORSAKE ME! OUTLAW HEARTS will be on the shelves (and available for e-readers) in June 2015, with DO NOT FORSAKE ME immediately following in July 2015!

Jake Harkner is one of my all-time favorite heroes, and I'm happy that you'll be able to meet him in a brand-new edition of the first book, and follow his story in the sequel that I had wanted to write for 20 years! I am still having trouble leaving Jake, and there is more to the story -- so, I am hoping my publishers will go along with my idea for a third book. Needless to say, the Sourcebooks reprint and DO NOT FORSAKE ME will feature all-new covers, which I'll share as soon as I receive them.

I'm Visiting with Romance Books '4' Us Today!

I'm visiting with Romance Books '4' Us today, and I'm talking about my soon-to-be-released book DESPERATE HEARTS!

Stop in to see what my answer is to the Question: What's the top thing on my Bucket List!

Friday Teaser from Desperate Hearts!

Elizabeth sat up and just stared at Mitch wide-eyed, her face red from being half choked, tears leaving clean lines where they trickled through the dust on her face. Her ears rang from all the gunfire. Mitch scooped her into his arms as he rose and carried her down the middle of the street toward Ma Kelly’s. People stared and mumbled to each other about the new woman in town and how Mitch Brady had risked his life to save her … yet again.

Elizabeth laid her head on Mitch’s shoulder and sobbed. Mitch held her closer.

Getting “In The Mood”

Okay, I know that title sounds like it has something to do with sex, and in a way I guess it does because I’m talking about how certain songs get us in the right mood for whatever book/scene/character we are working on when working on a book. Sometimes the right music conjures up brand new story ideas.

Feature Friday Block Party Blog Hop - Week 2

Welcome and thanks for stopping by! This is the Feature Friday Block Party Blog Hop hosted by Buy the Book Tours and author MJ Schiller! Please #FF me on Twitter - My Handle is @RosanneBittner. Today I'm sharing some delicious Caramel Shortbread Squares and a teaser from my upcoming release DESPERATE HEARTS.

Caramel Shortbread Squares

Feature Friday Block Party Blog Hop!

Welcome - I'm attending the very first Feature Friday Block Party Blog Hop! Please #FF me on Twitter - My Handle is @RosanneBittner. Today I'm sharing melt-in-your mouth BBQ Ribs and a teaser from my upcoming release DESPERATE HEARTS.

Sweet and Spicy Barbecued Spareribs with a Touch of Rum

Tuesday Teaser - From Desperate Hearts!

The remaining two men stood frozen.

“You’d best drop your weapons,” Mitch told them.

Dear God, who are you? Elizabeth wondered.

Mitch glanced at her, and against a very tanned face his eyes looked as blue as the Montana sky behind him. That one look felt almost physical in its force, and it left Elizabeth breathless.

“Welcome to Montana, ma’am,” he told her in a deep voice. “You’ll be fine now.”

Elizabeth couldn’t find her voice.

Saying Good-Bye

Monday July 7th I will turn in my story DO NOT FORSAKE ME. It’s been a long journey, starting 20 years ago when I wrote the first book about Jake Harkner called OUTLAW HEARTS, which will be reissued next June, followed in July with its sequel, DO NOT FORSAKE ME. I have lived with these characters all these twenty years, and during that time I begged and pleaded and fought to be able to write this sequel and get someone to buy it and publish it. Finally Sourcebooks actually ASKED ME to write this book and wanted to reissue the first one, so that was like a dream come true. That was last December, and by March 2014 I had finished the book – all 563 pages! I have since been working on edits and re-writes, and now it’s finally ready to submit.