Western Romance - The "Cowboy" Hero Lives On!

My latest book, PARADISE VALLEY (July 2013) is another western historical romance, and (as some tell me) written only as Rosanne Bittner can write the “American West.” It is my 58th published book over the past 30 years, and 95% of those have been western historical romance, my favorite, favorite subject. The rest are also American historicals, some about the French & Indian wars, the American Revolution and the Civil War. But I dearly love America’s Old West! As my title states, no matter which genre is currently popular, the cowboy hero never dies and is always in demand. My husband and I have traveled the western terrain for over 30 years now, visiting just about every location in my books. And because I love the western landscape so dearly, you will always find vivid descriptions of some of the most beautiful places in this country, from the magnificent Rocky Mountains, to the endless horizon of plains and prairie. I have visited the ancient stone medicine wheel on top of Medicine Mountain in northern Wyoming’s Bighorn Mountains twice. It’s fascinating to see, and the medicine wheel is the key theme in my Mystic Indian trilogy (MYSTIC DREAMERS, MYSTIC VISIONS and MYSTIC WARRIORS).

When you read a Bittner book, you will be reading about real locations and real historical events. I like to teach some history in an entertaining way, so I just mix my fictitious characters and their personal story into the fantastically exciting events that happened in this country as it was settled. You will find adventure and lots of romance in my stories, and when sex is involved, I try to handle it tastefully – and it’s almost always between a man and woman truly in love. I believe in great love stories, where it’s the love the hero and heroine share that keeps them strong and holds them together through the many dangers and tribulations of settling in untamed country. 

I was first published in 1983, with the first book of my 7-book SAVAGE DESTINY series, SWEET PRAIRIE PASSION. All 7 books are now available on Amazon for Kindle, as are many, many more of my 58 novels. Amazon has often featured my books as recommended reading, and over these 30 years I have won numerous writing awards, including a “Legends of Romance” award from Romantic Times , and a Willa Award from Women Writing the West. My next book has the working title of DESPERATE HEARTS and takes place in a gold town in 1880’s Montana. It will be published in July 2014.

PARADISE VALLEY, my most current book, is set in western Wyoming, mostly along the famous Outlaw Trail. Maggie Tucker has lost her husband and her pride to outlaws who attacked her camp and murdered her husband. Along comes Sage Lightfoot, owner of a vast ranch called Paradise Valley, who helps Maggie and who is searching for the very men who attacked her. Determined to play a part in catching the men who so wronged her, Maggie insists on accompanying Sage on his search, which leads them into adventure and eventually romance, as the love that grows between them helps them face the dangers of the Outlaw Trail. I love this kind of story, and the ending will leave you wanting to read more about Sage and Maggie. (The picture on the right is of Jay Tavare, an actor whom I think most resembles Sage.)


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  2. Thanks Rachel - Jay is gorgeous, isn't he?