Big News!

To all my readers - a big THANK YOU for your wonderful response to PARADISE VALLEY! Due to big orders for the book, Sourcebooks (my publisher) has purchased the proposal for my "next" book! It's called DESPERATE HEARTS, but please bear in mind that the title could be changed. Just watch for my announcements about the book when it gets closer to being published next summer. I am so excited about this story, which is set in 1880's Montana and will be packed with "wild west" action, a good share of humor, and lots of romance between heroine Elizabeth Wainright and my hunky hero, Mitch Brady! 

As the story opens, Elizabeth is on her way to the small gold town of Alder, Montana. She is carrying something very valuable, and is also carrying a secret that involves her reason for coming to Alder. 

The stagecoach in which Elizabeth is riding is attacked by outlaws. After a wild shootout and a stagecoach accident, Elizabeth's possessions and her life are saved by lawman Mitch Brady, who is also a vigilante who roams the roads in and out of town watching for outlaws. Mitch sees everything in black and white and "takes no prisoners." He's quite a match for Elizabeth, who knows nothing about life in a rugged gold town. Being out of place, of course, stirs a lot of curiosity on the part of the prospectors and riff-raff in town, but Elizabeth soon sets them straight that she's not there to marry or work as a prostitute. 

 Mitch takes it upon himself to look out for Elizabeth, but he's aware she is surely hiding something from him. No woman like her comes alone to a place like Alder, Montana. They fall in love, but Elizabeth is indeed hiding something that could destroy their relationship because Mitch tends to be "lawman" first and "lover" second. Her secret could affect his feelings for Elizabeth. I could tell you that secret, but I don't want to give it away. You will have to read the book next summer to find out what's really going on in Elizabeth's life! I know you're going to love this story!


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