The Mid-Michigan Romance Writers of America

I have no idea when I joined MMRWA. I just know its been a long, long time ago. I don’t even know how I found them. When I first started writing over 30 years ago, there were no sources where a writer could go to get help in understanding not only how to write, but how to find any kind of editing, where in heck to send the book, how to submit, how to approach a publisher – none of those things. In fact, I started writing using a manual typewriter (yes, manual – not electric). I knew nothing about computers, and personal computers were unheard of. When I moved to an electric “memory” typewriter (it remembered about 2 sentences at a time!) I was in heaven. Then came my first computer, which scared me to death! I cried and almost sent it back, thinking I’d never learn how to use it. (Yes, I’m that old!)

Well, somewhere amid all of this personal ignorance and turmoil I found MMRWA. I probably found RWA first and then learned about the different chapters. Or perhaps one of the other members with whom I’ve long been a friend, perhaps Alison Hart or Lucy Kubash, told me about MMRWA. Somehow I found them, and then began attending meetings as well as a couple of bigger conferences, where I learned there really WAS help out there. By then I probably had already been blessed with a first sale (sold my first book in 1982). It’s one of those “which came first” things – the chicken or the egg (the first sale/or MMRWA).

All I know is that not only did I finally find some help, but I also found some life-long friends within a group of writers who truly cared about my career, and I cared about theirs. A writer NEEDS to socialize with other writers. Our problems/needs/concerns and success or horror stories can be understood only by other writers. We need people who can identify with everything we talk about and can help us learn to cope with disappointments and also to celebrate with us when things go well.

Anyone reading this who is considering joining MMRWA should stop right now, go to the registration site and become a member. You will receive so much support for your writing, whether you are newly published or still an aspiring writer. You can’t find a better group to help you reach your goals. You can cry on our shoulders, ask for advice or critiquing suggestions … and/or we will share a glass of Champaign with you at our annual Retreat From Harsh Reality when you realize that First Sale! Welcome! I look forward to meeting you!


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