A Review Of Paradise Valley By Romantic Times Book Reviews (July 2013 Edition)

Paradise Valley
Release Date: July 2, 2013
Published by: Source Books {Casablanca}
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Maggie Tucker has just gone through hell.
Outlaws murdered her husband, looted their camp, and terrorized Maggie before leaving her lost and alone in the wilds of Wyoming. She isn't about to let another strange man get close enough to harm her.

Sage Lightfoot, owner of Paradise Valley ranch, his hunting for the men who killed his best ranch hand. But what he finds is a beautiful, bedraggled woman digging a grave. And pointing a pistol at his heart.

From that moment on, Sage will do anything to protect the strong-yet-vulnerable Maggie. Together, they'll embark on a life-changing journey along the dangerous Outlaw Trail, risking their lives...and their love.

Review Of Paradise Valley By Romantic Times Book Reviews (July 2013 Edition)

Four Stars – Rated “Hot”

Setting – 1880’s Wyoming

One of the most powerful voices in western romance returns with a gritty, earthy, moving love story that captures the true spirit of the West. Bittner sweeps readers away with a powerful tale that brings her fans back to the days of early western romance and the unforgettable men and women whose determination carved out a nation.

SUMMARY: A chance meeting with outlaws ends in her husband’s death, and Maggie Tucker is left alone on the Wyoming prairie. Sage Lightfoot is hunting the men who killed one of his cowhands when he finds Maggie digging a grave. Bound by the desire to find their common enemy, Maggie and Sage team up in hopes of meting out their own justice. Sage soon learns that Maggie has a backbone of steel. She’s unperturbed by his heritage, and he is understanding of the horrors she suffered at the outlaws’ hands. Their journey of vengeance slowly becomes a journey to salvation and an unexpected love.  - Kathe Robin


  1. Congrats on the great review! Look forward to reading Paradise Valley.