Romantic Times Conference

Romantic Times conducts a very relaxed, fun-filled conference wherein everybody, published or not, feels welcome and has a great time! It's not an "all business/few frills" kind of conference. It's fun and active and a great way to meet editors and agents and other published and unpublished writers - and most important - YOUR FANS and hundreds of other readers who might not have read your books yet. They sponsor tons of workshops, lots of extra-curricular activities and tours of the area outside the hotel, and you can dress casually except for the awards dinner, where you might want to wear something more elegant. What I like about RT is that they support ALL FORMS of romance and don't turn their noses up at erotica or self-published or any other form of writing some other organizations tend to frown upon as not "real writing" or not "legitimate" publishing. Their founder, Kathryn Falk, has been a huge supporter of romance since she first started publishing a newsletter about romance way back in the early 80's. As romance and publishing has changed, RT has gone right along and continued their strong support of all forms of romance over these many years. And at each of their national conferences they hold a HUGE book signing. They gear themselves to the READERS, and that, my friends, is very important. It's the readers who keep us writing and selling, and RT understands that. 

Their next national conference is coming up April 11th in Chicago and I'm looking forward to being there! When it comes to conferences, study all the different ones out there and make sure you spend your money on ones you feel will not only benefit you, but also ones you will truly enjoy, and especially those that will hook you up with READERS. Another of the best conferences to attend is Mid-Michigan RWA's Retreat from Harsh Reality, held the last weekend of April every year. It's casual, it's fun, it's not expensive, and you will come away from the Retreat revved up to WRITE, WRITE, WRITE! 

The above is a "Comment" I made on Author Diane Burton's blog.


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