It’s 2012 already. Seems like about a month ago I was sponsoring a class reunion for our Coloma Class of ’63. That was last July! Somehow between then and now my grandsons started school, we celebrated Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas! I shopped, decorated, wrapped and boom! It was all over and all the decorations are down and packed away. Soon my husband and I will vacation in Vegas and before you know it spring will be here again (which sounds great because we are hunkering down here in southwest Michigan for our first blizzard!).

It always astounds me how fast time goes by – and it’s a little frightening when you’re getting older. In two weeks I’ll be 67, but who cares? I feel 40 and thank God for my good health and the fact that I don’t look my age, thanks to good genes from my 90 year old mother who has always looked 15 to 20 years younger than her age – and who remains in good health! I hope I continue to take after her.

Speaking of spring coming faster than we think, I want to remind everybody to watch my Blog, Facebook, Twitter and my website for news about an on-line Valentine’s Party to celebrate the reissue of my novel, Wildest Dreams, from Sourcebooks and through Amazon. You can pre-order a print copy now, and soon you can order the book as a download to your Kindles! It’s so nice to be “on the shelves” again, and I hope to soon sell something brand new. In July Thunder On The Plains will also be available in print and as an e-book – and before long Amazon will offer my entire Savage Destiny series as e-books!

There has been a renewed interest in westerns in books and on TV, which pleases me greatly. The Old West is absolutely my favorite genre, and I’ve written 57 books, nearly all of them set in America’s Old West. Now many of them will be reissued as e-books. I hope to see resurgence of the genuine, good old historical romance, wherein there was a dark and handsome (macho-man) hero and a strong-willed beautiful heroine with the kind of courage and determination it took to “match” the hero and know how to handle him – and to face the challenges presented to women in the 1800’s Western pioneer era. Oh, how I love writing those stories!

I hope all of you have a successful and healthy New Year, and I look forward to corresponding with many of you through e-mail and Facebook and Twitter, and through continued blogging! Be sure to watch for some blog “tours” coming up! I look forward to “meeting” a lot of you on-line, and maybe I’ll get to meet some of you in April at the huge author book signing at the Romantic Times conference in Chicago! Drive safely in this winter weather!


  1. And Valentine's Day will be here before we know it! Even though I've read and enjoyed Wildest Dreams, I may download it to my iPad. :)