Getting Up-To-Speed

There was a time when I moaned and groaned about the changes in publishing to e-books. I hated the internet (sorry, but I still don’t like “visiting” on-line – I don’t often post to Facebook or Twitter) – hated the idea of reading a book on a screen rather than holding it in my hand – didn’t understand blogging and all that “stuff.”

Well, here I am with a Facebook Personal and Fan page – a Blog – I’m on Twitter – I have a web site – and of course e-mail. My last hold-out … e-books and a Kindle reader. Well, I got to liking Facebook – great way to advertise my books to the entire world. I learned to like blogging for the same reason, and it’s a good way to help other writers with my (sage??) advice. After all, I’ve been writing for 30 years and have 57 published novels, so I must know something about this business!

Now comes e-books. I broke down and purchased the new Kindle Fire. WOW!! I’m a “downloading” freak! Who knew there were so many FREE books??? Let alone the convenience of reading other books whenever I want without having to haul them around with me – and of course I get to download my own books just for the fun of it! Two of my older books will be reissued through (and can also be purchased through in 2012 as e-books and will also be available in print. WILDEST DREAMS in February 2012 and THUNDER ON THE PLAINS in July 2012. I am, of course, advertising these all over the place, thanks to the Internet, so I hope those of you who are just discovering Rosanne Bittner will purchase these reprints – great new covers, and you can put them on your Kindle!

Back to e-books – I am learning to really enjoy my Kindle! I have also ordered the new AMC western, HELL ON WHEELS, so that each episode is automatically downloaded to my Kindle! How cool is that? I can watch each episode when it’s convenient for me. This is one of the features of owning the Kindle Fire that I really like, because I often miss some of my favorite TV programs. I either forget, or I fall asleep before they come on, or something else is on at the same time. We do have DISH but we don’t have one of those fancy DISH receivers that automatically stores stuff – and besides, this way I can watch my favorite TV shows in another room or while on vacation in Vegas. I don’t have to be home retrieving it from my DISH receiver.

All in all, I am slowly but surely breaking down and learning to like the new technology. I have an I-4 cell phone and now the Kindle – and I will probably purchase a Nook because it looks like some of my older books will also be reissued through Barnes & Noble. Be sure to watch my web site for news about that, and I will also post something on this blog if and when that happens.

Keep your fingers crossed that one or two of my books will catch the eye of someone in La-La Land and will become a new TV western series!! Wouldn’t that be great? If that happens, I’ll be able to download the episodes to my Kindle Fire and watch them whenever I want! What a world we live in! 



  1. Rosanne, I was like you about reading ebooks--until I got my Kindle last year. Holy cow! I take it everywhere and don't have to haul a lot of books when going on vacation. It's great, too, that older books can be given new life via ebooks.

  2. Rosanne,

    Here, here to your sage comment. Thank you from those of us who benefit!

    I'm with Diane on the e-books, but I also was 'converted' kicking and screaming. Did you know there is a free Kindle for PC download from Amazon? And it picks up all of the books on your iPad and iphone.

    Who knew?

  3. Wonderful blog, Rosanne! I dragged my feet for a long time before starting a blog and buying an e-reader. Now I wonder how I lived without them, lol! Great post.